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Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Beetle, Crickets, & all general pest

Flea & Tick treatment Only $85 Any Size Home

***Animal trapping, Rodent baiting (attic included), Yard services, & Snake prevention treatments also available***

Free Termite & Bedbug inspection with service

(Spider Web removal included with service)

*Now Offering Wasp and Bee Elimination*


TERMITE prevention treatment & plan available................Protect your home................Better safe than sorry

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****************WE BEAT ALL TERMITE & BEDBUG QUOTES****************

PesTech Pest Control Houston

We offer FREE termite monitoring with every quarterly pest control service! Call our office for details.
Heard noises in the attic? Are you in need of a great termite warranty?
We understand your frustrations. At PesTech we know that many people look for solutions or pest control in Houston to eliminate spiders, ants, roaches, crickets and termites. We understand that these may be ‘as needed’ services and thus, make customized solutions for rodent and termite control.

With an array of pest control services to meet and exceed your current needs, we provide customized solutions without any binding service agreements. You are free to select the services that you need. We do not pressure you to include those services that are not relevant to your pest elimination requirements.

 Rodent Exclusion

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial services. Depending upon the specific requirements of the client, PesTech will custom design a program to help you resolve the current issues and prevent future pest infestations at home, commercial and in industrial spaces.

Experienced and Licensed Pest Control Staff

With a team of experienced and licensed pest control specialists, PesTech caters to all your pest elimination needs including rodent, fire ants, termite control, mosquito elimination and exterminator solutions. All of our staff is qualified as per the state laws and our services are licensed and insured to ensure that in case of any accidents, you are covered. Additionally, all of our  Pest Control Services services come with a guarantee of 30-days.

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